Thursday, January 27 to Monday, January 31

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What is In Store Clearance ?

At SabbaShop, we are constantly receiving truckloads of liquidation product.  We sell most of the lower priced items in-store at massive discounts (often at a loss!!) to keep the goods moving. Here's how it works:

  • Every one or two weeks, we put out a fresh batch of clearance items
  • Items drop in price daily until sold (see pricing schedule below)
  • Variety of items such as home items, kitchenware, appliances, office, toys, food, electronics, clothing, shoes, pets, sports and fitness, baby products and much much more 


Current Pricing Schedule (prices subject to change)

  • Thursday, Jan 27 - $3.00
  • Friday, Jan 28 - $2.00
  • Saturday, Jan 29 - CLOSED
  • Sunday, Jan 30 - $1.00
  • Monday, Jan 31 - $0.25