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What is In Store Clearance ?

At SabbaShop, we are constantly receiving truckloads of liquidation product.  We sell most of the lower priced items in-store at massive discounts (often at a loss!!) to keep the goods moving. Here's how it works:

  • Every Thursday, we put out a fresh batch of clearance items, usally starting at $5 or less
  • Items drop in price daily until sold (see example pricing schedule below)
  • Variety of items changing weekly such as home items, kitchenware, appliances, office products, toys, food, electronics and much much more 


Example Pricing Schedule (prices subject to change)

  • Thursday - $5.00
  • Friday - $3.00
  • Saturday - CLOSED
  • Sunday - $1.50
  • Monday - $0.50
  • Tuesday - CLOSED (re-fill with new deals)
  • Wednesday - CLOSED (re-fill with new deals)