This Week In-Store Clearance

-   35 racks of items that have a regular retail price of $30 - $200 with some type of issue, that we decided to not put on our website.  Amazing bargains to be had!

-   6 racks of auto parts with retail price up to $70.  A mechanics dream!

-   11 racks of mixed items in categories such as Home, Toys, Electronics, Kitchen, Linens and more !!

-  Christmas gift wrap final clearance priced at 25 cents a roll

As always, price drop daily until sold out


Important Pick up Policy Change Announcement

Due to a lack of space in our warehouse, starting December 1, we will no longer allow up to 45 days to pick up if its pre-paid by PayPal.  All items must be picked up within 25 days of auction end date, regardless if its pre-paid by PayPal, or paid in-store by cash, credit, or debit card.  Customers who have pre-paid orders past 25 days will have their account restricted from bidding until their items have been picked up, or the order will be cancelled.  Also, we encourage all customers to pay in-store for a faster pick up process :)  Thank you for your co-operation and we appreciate your business!